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"Thank you for coming home from work Momma."
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She threw and knock down drag out fit this morning because I put water on her instant oatmeal. Appearently the Grand Duchess eats her oatmeal dry.
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Over the weekend Elena found a new way to delay going to bed.

Duckie: "Momma! I can't go up the stairs! There's Scaries on it!"
Momma: "You mean Daleks?"
Duckie: "Yeah... I squish them! *stomp*"

Yes, the Duckie's imaginary friend is Prince Caspian and her imaginary enemies are Daleks. I still don't know what Flybys are although I do know that they're something from Doctor Who.
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After dinner I wouldn't let Elena watch another movie.

Duckie: "I'm um-dignifgied!"
Momma & Daddy: "What?!?"
Duckie: "I'm umdignifgied!"
Momma & Daddy: "..."
Momma: "Dignified?"
Duckie: "Yes." *pout* *stomp stomp stomp*
Daddy: *looks at Momma* "What?"
Momma: "No clue."

I figured it out this morning. She was trying to say, "I'm indignant!"
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Duckie: *touches Momma's necklace*
Duckie: What's that on your necklace?
Momma: Ummmm... a gray jewel.
Duckie: Noooooooo...
Momma: *puzzled look*
Duckie: My finger! Hahahahahahaha!
Momma: Why yes, yes it is.
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She has a new song to sing while playing the guitar:

"Take a look at my girlfriend,
She's the one I really like."
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A stern voice floated out of the darkness of the back seat:

"I am NOT impressed."
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Duckie: *touches Momma's forehead* What's that?
Momma: That's my wrinkle.
Duckie: Your... wrinkle?
Momma: Yes baby.
Duckie: I love your wrinkle!
Momma: Thank you Sweetheart.
Duckie: Can I have a wrinkle?
Momma: Baby, you don't get wrinkles, you give wrinkles.
Duckie: I give wrinkles. Okay!
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On the way back from dinner at Friendly's Elena was singing Beethoven's 5th.

Now we're watching it on YouTube and Elena yells at me everytime I try to do something else on the computer.

Edited to add: It's a sign that my migraine is coming back... it took me 20 minutes to figure out that it's the 5th and not the 9th. *sigh*
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3:15 AM

"Moooommmaaa! Daaaaaadyyyyy! Moooooommmmaaaa! Daaaaaaadyyyyyy!"


3:30 AM





*Momma gets up and shuffles out the bedroom door*

"I did it! 'Lena get out a da crib!"

*Duckie opens and closes her door*


"Yes, yes you did." *sigh*
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When Elena notices me doing something such as locking up a cabinet or putting something in the garbage she says, "Good job Momma!"
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Elena has decided that, since she helps feed the dog and walk the dog, the dog is low man on the totem pole.

Yesterday the dog was laying down in front of the TV, not in the way of anything, when I saw Elena yell at her from across the room, "Move Sophie!"

I think the power is going to her head.
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Last night at my Dad's house Elena found a Minnie Mouse doll in a dress and a large Lego building base (one of those thin things you pretend is grass when you build your Lego house). She carried both into the dining room, set Minnie Mouse down on top of the Lego base, and flipped her skirt up.

"Diaper change! Poopy!"

She flipped Minnie's skirt back down, picked the doll and the base up off the floor, and toddled away.
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"DC/DC! AC/DC! DC/DC! Turn on! Turn on! AC/DC!"

Somebody is really into watching the AC/DC Live at Donington DVD.
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Playing catch with Elena makes her laugh. A lot. Constant shrieking laughter to pierce your eardrums.
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Marc was in our room checking email when he heard Elena fussing with something in her room. He went in and discovered her trying to climb into her crib. After changing her diaper (a rather aromatic one) he put her on the floor and she attempted to climb into her crib again. Figuring that there must be a reason for it, Marc helped her into her crib and turned on her music. She snuggled right in and went to sleep.

She was trying to put herself down for a nap in her own bed.


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