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Mom is over her snit and I'm calm enough to ignore the topic. Mom, my step-dad, and Chopper (Elena's best labrador friend) came over tonight for pizza. Mom was working on the next fabric wall instead of eating. Elena kept asking why Mimi wasn't eating and I told her, "Mimi is busy fulfilling a life long dream." I heard laughter from the kitchen. Mom never did have any dinner.

I am very tired tonight. I had odd dreams involving being captured and held in a locked second floor room by some sort of dictator. I knew the person was too powerful to really escape from but that didn't stop me from trying all of the time. I'd get my hands on some clothes, escape out a window and down the wall, then I'd head off down side streets as fast as I could. The soldiers would eventually catch me and it would happen all over again. Sometimes I was on a train but it was all about the escaping.

I may have spent a lot of time this week figuring out how to escape my MiL. She's been wonderfully helpful but I'm starting to go bananas from not having any quiet time.

I need to do more unpacking, arranging, and list making but that's just not going to happen tonight.
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During my vacation last week, the three of us stopped at the WaterWorks in Cortland to feed the ducks, fish, geese, and squirrels.

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