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Yesterday I made two fried eggs and a chocolate covered strawberry.

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After I took that picture this morning Elena asked for a plate. Here is what she brought to me while I was getting ready for work.

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The strawberry and green apple slice I did Friday. The tea cakes I did Saturday. The first kiwi was finished and the second one made Sunday afternoon. The two orange slices I made last evening.

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Here's 20 minutes of hand work from last night.

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Jun. 11th, 2009 08:53 am
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This morning Elena was having a teaparty picnic for her sick babies. I helped a bit so I could stage a picture of the new food.

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The round cookie and the doughnut are new since my last picture post.
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Free Felt Food How-Tos

Added: I also subscribe to the Dover Publishing free samples newsletter for cool coloring pages to print out for the Duck.
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While at the event Saturday I found a lady spinning flax. Woo! I have two new techniques to try with my spinning. She had the fiber on her shoulder wrapped in a towel. I want to try that with silk to see if it helps control the fiber better. She would also wrap the yarn in a figure eight around her drafting hand before wrapping onto the spindle. I hadn't though of that... it'll make wrapping lengths spun while standing much easier.


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