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Woo! Thanks to [ profile] mama_hogswatch, I have my bread making on the right track.

My issue was not kneading the bread long enough and generic flour. I bought new flour that said it was good for bread making and I used a timer to make sure I was kneading it the minimum amount of time. I also used her boiling water in the oven trick. The dough rose beautifully. I forgot to let it rise again after shaping into loaves.

The Duckie loves making bread with me. I give her a bit of dough and she rubs it with a pile of flour. Then she eats the flour. Then she's COVERED with flour.
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Toddler Dessert
Toddler Dessert,
originally uploaded by dyanearden.
The Duckie got to pick her dessert out of the refridgerator last night. She chose grapes and whipped cream. She was a bit disappointed that I wouldn't let her squirt the whipped cream herself but she dug right in as soon as the plate was on the table. It looked so yummy I just had to take a picture.


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