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Holy shit. I think I'm having an anxiety attack on top neurological migraine issues. I am so fucking done with today.
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I have orders to stay home through Wednesday and a blister pack of antibiotics. I'm laying here listening to my lungs buzz with every breath. Not happy.
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I'm not at work. I hauled my ass out of bed at 6:50 am and stumbled around for about 10 minutes before deciding I was in no shape to go to work.

Elena and I have doctor appointments at 2:15 this afternoon. I suspect one of her ear drums perforated and want to get them looked at again. I'm hoping for antibiotics for myself.
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Yep. Migraine. Ow.
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and I did NOT have strep throat which means some sort of virus.
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I must look OCD when I wash my hands here. I'm allergic to the soap so I have to rinse my hands throughly for an additional 3 minutes so that all of the soap smell is washed off.
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I'm sick. The Duckie is sick. Bleh.
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I have not been sleeping well the last few nights and it caught up with me this morning. I was too dizzy to drive. I spent the day at home napping, relaxing, and doing almost nothing.
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Last night was perfect! Elena slept all of the way through the night and did not fall out of bed. Once again I couldn't sleep, partly from momma paranoia and partly from an allergy headache.

I've been overly tired lately even thought I've been getting a lot of sleep (excepting the last two nights). I've been neglecting vitamins for about a month so I started taking them again Friday in case that may help. I'm feeling pretty good this morning on a short sleep night.

I'm allergic to my hands. Time to start using the baby wash I bought last week. When my allergies are triggered (and yes, I have been taking my medication) I'm allergic to the soaps used in most bathrooms on campus. *sigh* I'm just not going to get a break today.


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