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Free Felt Food How-Tos

Added: I also subscribe to the Dover Publishing free samples newsletter for cool coloring pages to print out for the Duck.
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Last night was perfect! Elena slept all of the way through the night and did not fall out of bed. Once again I couldn't sleep, partly from momma paranoia and partly from an allergy headache.

I've been overly tired lately even thought I've been getting a lot of sleep (excepting the last two nights). I've been neglecting vitamins for about a month so I started taking them again Friday in case that may help. I'm feeling pretty good this morning on a short sleep night.

I'm allergic to my hands. Time to start using the baby wash I bought last week. When my allergies are triggered (and yes, I have been taking my medication) I'm allergic to the soaps used in most bathrooms on campus. *sigh* I'm just not going to get a break today.

Elmo Duckie

Nov. 1st, 2007 08:57 am
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Elmo Duckie
Elmo Duckie,
originally uploaded by dyanearden.

Here she is in all her Elmo glory. You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to get a picture of her with the Elmo head on. She got tired of it quickly and kept pushing it back. I had to distract her with a rope of Nerds candy to get this picture. The only other good picture I have contains my Mom's arm as she was handing Elena a new Shrek doll.

Now Elena can haul around her Elmo costume as much as she wants. It's like a gigantic Elmo doll now. She slept with it, took it into the big bed to nurse with her, and I imagine she's going to be dragging it around all day. Soon it'll be as dirty and worn as her other two Elmos.
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Momma: Where's your bellybutton?
Duckie: Da! *points to bellybutton*
Daddy: That's your navel.
Duckie: No no!
Momma: Ha! Yes! *pumps fist* I WIN!!!!!
Daddy: *laughing groan*
Momma: I win! Must blog! ARGH! Must get out from under the toddler!
Elena: Momma! Apple!
Momma: ARGH! Must blog!
Daddy: *LOL*
Momma: *sits the Duckie down and hands her a piece of apple*
Duckie: *crunch*
Momma: Ha! That should keep her distracted! *dashes for the stairs*
Daddy: For 3 seconds... she's after you!

And here I am blogging my bellybutton/navel victory.
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New Duckie words for the weekend: Ernie, soup, pie, night-night, toast

Semi-busy day today. We got up a bit later than usual, ate breakfast out, spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon at my MiL's house, went to PumpkinFest, bought cheap really nice clothes for Elena, went online, folded laundry, ran out for supplies (TV dinners, ice cream, and movies), and then put the Duckie to bed.

I still have to pack for the PumpkinFest demo tomorrow.

Tomorrow is church then PumpkinFest.

Scene from in the car this evening... we're at a stop light.

Duckie: Dada... Dada... Dada...
Momma: Sweetie Sweetie!
Duckie: Mama... Mama...
Momma: Dada Dada!
Dada: Elena!
Duckie: Dada!
Dada: Rocky!
Momma: ... *bursts out laughing*
Duckie: ???


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