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In Syracuse for training today and tomorrow. I have to push through because I have one half day less than I really need. Ack! Half hour lunches. I also got her 45 minutes late because I had to run to the office to pick up the workbook I left there Friday.
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Apparently my work desk phone number is the same number as one at the Auburn, NY State Police Department. I just have a different area code. I've been getting calls from a guy trying to get a hold of someone there and finally got him realize the area code difference.

I looked at my cell phone this afternoon and noticed a missed call from 2 am this morning. I googled the number and it was for a Lt. at the SUNY Cortland Police. I was a bit confused until my officemate reminded me that my desk phone rolls over to my cell phone.
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In the first few years of my job this was the "Macintosh emergency disk ejection tool."

Now it's the "Dell dock release tool."

Always useful, never obsolete.


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