Feb. 14th, 2009

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I'm having a lazy weekend and I definitely need it. Marc and the Duck (mostly) let me sleep in this morning. I went grocery shopping, took the Duck back to Price Chopper to get the roast I accidentally left there (pork rib end roast for 99 cents a pound), went to Mom's house, got my eyebrows done, had a deliciously decadent brownie, took the Duck with my SiL and neice to Tops for V-day activities, brought the Duck home for a nap, and spent two hours reading a book.


Now I'm contemplating printing out a bunch of paper toys on card stock I bought yesterday.

After the Duck gets up we have to go back to Mom's house to retrieve the roast (forgotten again) and then figure out what we're having for dinner. My Dad and step-mother are away for the weekend. We usually eat there on Saturdays.

I'm starting to work through the SF/F book list you all helped me compile a few years ago. Paperbackswap.com is helping that along.


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