Feb. 2nd, 2009

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Three nights of insomnia in a row. I really hope this isn't a trend.

Elena was great at dinner tonight. She put the forks and spoons on the correct sides of the plates. She asked me what I did today while we were eating and we talked about our days quite a bit. Once in a while she remembered to not talk with her mouth full. She complimented dinner and politely asked to be excused when she was done.

The commute home would have been calm if I wasn't worrying about how to get both Mom and Elena on time. My step-dad called and asked me to pick Mom up from work. I was dropped off at my car in plenty of time to get to Elena. I hurried though so I could get Elena then Mom without it being hideously late for Mom. I got in and out of daycare in five minutes and was at Mom's work in another ten. My step-father had NOT called her to let her know I was picking her up. In fact, he didn't even call to see if she needed a ride home. I waited a minute, called her cell, then called her home phone. She was already there and had been home for 15 minutes. She felt well enough to drive today. *sigh*


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